Noun identification: Activity 2

I'll see you on Thursday.

Is Thursday a noun?

He went for a job yesterday.

Is yesterday a noun?

Tommy woke up and looked blearily at his mother.

Is woke a noun?

All I wanted was a shoulder to cry on.

Is shoulder a noun?

All I wanted was a shoulder to cry on.

Is on a noun?

I'll give you the school's number.

Is school a noun?

She's innocent, I tell you.

Is innocent a noun?

I also had a feeling that there were two strands.

Is feeling a noun?

That's sort of a lack of confidence.

Is lack a noun?

Vicky liked to dress for afternoon tea.

Is dress a noun?

The man weighed no more than a sailor's kit bag.

Is weighed a noun?

I think you'd know if you put on a lot of weight.

Is weight a noun?


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