Determiners: Advanced

The following is taken from Bas Aarts's Grammarianism blog.

In a recent blog post on terminology I mentioned the word class of determiners, and said that they are a relatively new word class.

By 'relatively new' I mean 'early twentieth century'. The National Curriculum Glossary definition, determiner, is very brief, here I'll expand on it.

What follows is a longer list of determiners (in part based on the Cambridge Grammar of the English Language; see also Bas Aarts's Oxford Modern English Grammar). As already noted, some of the labels used here are a bit more specific than those used in the National Curriculum.

Don't worry about the labels themselves. What's more important is to see which words in addition to those listed above are classed as determiners in English.

As with the demonstrative determiners and the possessive determiners, many of these items can also occur on their own. They are then regarded as pronouns. Here are some examples:

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