Glossary: case


Case is a grammatical term for the different forms a pronoun can take depending on their position or role in a sentence. For example, many of the English personal pronouns can occur in the nominative (or subjective) case (e.g. She likes the cat) or in the accusative (or objective) case (e.g. The cat likes her). Pronouns can also take the genitive case, as in Her cat is very lazy.

Y6 GPaS Test: I or me?

In each of the following examples, indicate whether the space should be filled with I or me:

Y6 GPaS Test: Identify the possessive determiners

Find the possessive determiners in a range of examples

Identify the possessive determiners in each of the following examples. Click on the word (or words) to select or deselect them.

Y6 GPaS Test: Select the pronouns

In each of the following examples, select the pair of pronouns that correctly fills the blanks:


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