Compounds: Break apart the words

Break down each of the following words into its meaningful parts. Label each part as either a prefix, a suffix, or a lexical base (a part which can typically be used as a word on its own).

Example: unkindness: un- (prefix) + kind (lexical base) + -ness (suffix)

You can check your work by pressing the buttons to see the answers.

1. spoilsport spoil (lexical base), sport (lexical base)
2. insecure in- (prefix), secure (lexical base)
3. impatiently im- (prefix), patient (lexical base), -ly (suffix)
4. helpfulness help (lexical base), -ful (suffix), -ness (suffix)
5. ex-boyfriend ex- (prefix), boy (lexical base), friend (lexical base)
6. re-election re- (prefix), elect (lexical base), -ion (suffix)
7. hang-glider hang (lexical base), glide (lexical base), -er (suffix)
8. depressurise de- (prefix), pressure (lexical base), -ise (suffix)

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