Topic: Adverb phrase

These resources cover adverb phrases: phrases with an adverb as the Head word. Other words can be added to the Head adverb to extend the phrase: gently, very gently, as gently as possible.

Identify the phrase type

Identify the type of phrase (noun phrase, preposition phrase, etc.) in each of the examples.

Y6 GPaS Test: Modal verbs, adverb phrases, and uncertainty

Read each of the following examples carefully. Indicate whether uncertainty is expressed using a modal verb or an adverb phrase:

Y6 GPaS Test: Preposition phrases, adverb phrases, and time

In each of the following examples, indicate whether time is expressed using a preposition phrase or an adverb phrase:

Adverb phrases

An adverb phrase is a phrase with an adverb as the Head word. The Head adverb can occur alone or with modifiers, i.e. other words which expand the phrase, for example:


phrase consists of one or more words that belong together. It takes one of the major word class elements (noun, adjective, etc.) as its Head.


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