Linguistics of lies: Activity

Extract 1

Hi Paul

I’m not going to be able to make it in today as the boiler’s broken down and I need to wait for the repair man to come round.

I’ll do what work I can here and email you the report for Thursday’s meeting.


Extract 2

Dear Paul

Sorry about this but I can’t make it in today. I’ve got a stinking cold and I’m feeling really rough. It came on over the weekend and the kids have been feeling pretty bad too.

I’ll email you tomorrow morning if I’m not able to get in.



Extract 3

Hi Paul

I won’t be in the office today – got a badly twisted ankle. Nathan left a toy car under the stepladder I was decorating on and I went over on it. It looks like I’ve sprained it but I’ll only know when I get to see the Doctor and she’s booked up until late this afternoon. It’s really painful to the touch and I can’t move too well.

Hope to be in tomorrow if I can get mobile again later today.



Extract 4

Dear Paul

I can’t get in today as Natasha is sick. She’s come down with a really bad cold and can’t go to the childminder’s so I’ll have to look after her. Lucy’s got an inspector in at work so she can’t stay home. Sorry for the inconvenience. Will email you later when she’s asleep and get some work done then.



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