Restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses: Activity 3

Non-restrictive relative clauses are often – although not always – surrounded by commas, which separate the additional information that the relative clause contains. In the following examples, see if you can put the commas in the right place to separate out the restrictive relative.

  • As a result of Constantine’s foray into Gaul and Spain between 407-411 A.D. which involved the effective remainder of the Roman garrison Britain became independent from imperial control. (W1A-001)

  • The functional feature of the brain which seems to enable it to solve the problems at which it excels comes from its learning ability. (W2A-032)

  • The communist rulers of the republic of Serbia which has Belgrade as its capital called an emergency session of parliament yesterday… (W2C-019)

  • Knob, slider and switch settings on the JD800 are absolute which means that editing a parameter causes all assigned Tones to be set to the same value. (W2B-031)

  • Successive surges of violence which swept through 18 jails on a single night in 1986 have focused attention on living conditions. (W2C-007)

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