Sentences with 'if'

In this activity, students practise composing sentences with the word if.


  • Rehearse an implicit understanding of the conditional meaning of if.
  • Practise composing sentences using if.

Lesson Plan

The teacher explains that today, we will practise writing sentences with the word if.

For some students, it may be a reasonable warm-up to sing 'If you're happy and you know it'. It's a well-known song that many of the students will know and understand, and it requires an implicit understanding of the conditional meaning of if. Invite students to add their own verses at the end. They might come up with verses like: 'If you're hungry and you know it, rub your tummy!'

In the Activity page in the right hand menu, an array of commands are presented, one on each slide. Each slide begins with subordinate clause and the word if, such as 'If you're wearing red, raise your hand.' Work through the 10 commands with the students as a class. Then invite the students to compose their own commands for the class. One student at a time can compose a command verbally and present it to the class.

Students are using their implicit understanding of English grammar to compose sentences with a subordinating conjunction and a subordinate clause!

Finally, students should sit down to compose their commands on paper, sounding out words and watching out for clear writing. The NC encourages students to compose sentences verbally, and then to write them on paper, and this is an excellent habit.

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