New! Guided Grammar Lessons for Yr 2


This new course was part of a research project and grammar and writing, funded by the Nuffield Foundation. We are now making it available to everyone.

It consists of 10 lessons that are designed to cover the grammar requirements for Key Stage 1, Year 2 of the National Curriculum for England.

  • Before you start teaching the lessons, please make sure that you have carefully read the 'Manualisation Handbook'. A PDF version of this Manual is attached on this page.
  • There is a description of each lesson in the Manual. Please make sure that you have read this description before delivering the lesson.
  • The Manual also includes important information and instructions on how to use this website.
  • Finally, here's the link to the National Curriculum specifications for Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling for Year 2 at Key Stage 1.

We hope you enjoy teaching these lessons. Let us know your thoughts!

Bas Aarts

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