Verbs in persuasive language: Activity 3

Activity 3

Write your own charity appeal, using the source material below. It is a statement from a charity about their aims and methods. Make use of a range of persuasive devices, including modal verbs.

The "Live Not Exist" charity has been set up with the following key aims:

  • to help raise the standard of care for people with serious illnesses
  • to help improve the quality of life for those people and their families
  • to put pressure on the government to properly fund support services for these people

Factual material:

Live Not Exist funds over 2,000 support workers to help seriously ill people with basic tasks such as eating, getting out of bed, toileting and washing/bathing.

The support also involves bringing in books, magazines, audio books and music for the patients, making sure that they can enjoy themselves and keep occupied and stimulated.

These support workers also assist families with:

  • organising visits
  • organising group social activities to make sure that patients can share experiences with other people in a similar situation
  • helping young children deal with the consequences and impacts of serious illnesses on families

Live Not Exist needs:

  • funding to help pay for these support workers
  • funding to help us produce educational and informational literature
  • volunteers to train as support workers

List of modal verbs



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