Writing an advertisement with adjectives

In this activity, you will write a brief entry advertisement that describes a product and makes it sound as attractive as possible.


  • Identify the adjectives in an online advertisement.
  • Write an original advertisement using an array of descriptive and effective adjectives.

Lesson Plan

The teacher explains that today, we will write Ebay advertisements to sell products. To make your item sound attractive you will need to describe it in detail, using a range of adjectives. 

Slide 1 of the Activity page in the right menu presents a sample Ebay entry that students can examine and discuss. What adjectives are used in the ad? What adjectives could have been used?

Slide 2 presents the product list to choose from. Students may also invent their own product to advertise.

  • a second-hand teapot
  • a used Spiderman bike
  • a new toy tractor
  • a signed photo of Justin Bieber
  • a boxed set of Harry Potter DVDs

Students think carefully about how they use adjectives in their descriptions. Once they have written their descriptions, they can highlight the adjectives they have used. Then, they can share their ads with their neighbours, and/or with the whole class.

Students may also wish to try writing one very strong, descriptive advertisement with evocative adjectives, alongside one very poor, dull advertisement with bland adjectives!


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