Verbs in fiction

Exploring verb choices in different literary texts

In this lesson, students identify verbs in fictional extracts and discuss the reasons why authors may have chosen particular verbs in their writing.


  • Identify the verbs in extracts from real works of fiction.
  • Discuss the effects of the verbs that the authors chose to use in these extracts, e.g. 'the chosen verbs create suspension', 'the verbs create a happy feeling', etc.

Lesson Plan

The slides in the Activity page in the right hand menu contain extracts from real works of fiction. Have the students look at each extract. In groups or as a class, try to identify all the verbs in the extract. Students can use the smart board to click each verb. Answers are provided on the following slide.

After checking your answers, use the arrow keys to return to the extract. Think about why these verbs have been chosen and what they might add to the text. 

Repeat the exercise for the second text extract.

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